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I appreciate the privacy offered to clients who chose to private pay. I am on most insurance panels and encourage you to call and check with them directly.


There are several reasons that you may choose not to use insurance. All insurance companies require a diagnosis for treatment, and many cover a limited set of disorders. Treatment has to be medically necessary and you will have to be diagnosed with a mental disorder that your provider covers.


The diagnosis and treatment become part of your medical record. Some employers use medical records when making employment decisions. Once you have been given a diagnosis, it may also affect your access to insurance and your cost if you change plans.

​In addition, some insurance companies do not cover couples or family therapy.

I'm not able to guarantee reimbursement from insurance companies. And you are still responsible for full payment at each session.  

​You are responsible for understanding your insurance plan/s, it’s deductibles, and covered services.  Any charges not covered by insurance is/are considered patient responsibility.  This includes copays, coinsurance, and denied claims, and will be due prior to the next appointment.  Some insurances are considered in-network and other may reimburse as out-of-network.  Out-of-network (OON) is your responsibility to pay; I can provide a receipt for your records.    


Wellspring EAP




First Choice




  • 50 Minute Session: $140

  • 75 Minute Session: $175

    • typically reserved for family/relationship goals

I am able to provide some sliding scale appointments, space permitting. 

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