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I believe that all persons have the basic right to be heard. We all have experiences that make up who we are, some of which we may need or wish to explore further or heal from. Together in counseling we can create a safe place to work on agreed upon goals. Along my path as a clinical mental health therapist, I found a once hidden passion in working with children, toddlers and those in early childhood. I see adolescents and adults. LGBTQ+ friendly.  Neurodiverse affirming. I have years of experience in working with people diagnosed with developmental abilities. Individual, couples, family and group work available. Regarding our professional journey, while I am happy to work with people that would like brief therapy, I am particularly interested in those that wish to work deeper and possibly over a longer period of time. The length of healing journeys vary.

My practice is eclectic in nature. I view counseling work through a systemic lens; we are part of a whole system. I practice techniques from Play Therapy, Art Therapy, what many refer to as talk therapy, Animal Assisted Therapy, Sand Tray, Mindfulness, Motivational Interviewing, and more. I am credentialed mental health specialist in Children, Minority (Native American), and  and Developmentally Disabled persons.

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